Bow of the Thomas Hume. We have a huge archive of photography reflecting several decades of traveling and pursuing special places above and under water.

Photography, Especially of Shipwrecks

Many years of Great Lakes shipwreck diving have yielded a large collection of stories and pictures.
Introduction to a fascinating new world

I can honestly say that scuba diving never entered my mind before I became involved with my husband Bob. I had a lot of fear to overcome before I went on to acquire several advanced certifications, including training in cave diving. Most of our diving, however, takes place in the Great Lakes on shipwrecks, and that has led to opportunities to participate in efforts to research and preserve them. Our own website showcasing photography, videos and stories may be seen here, and the site I designed and maintain for the Michigan Underwater Preserves Council may be seen here. Read an account of an actual dive nearly gone wrong here.

Bob the Fish

Robert Underhill is an electrical engineer whose day job usually involves installing and servicing medical imaging equipment. His fascination with scuba diving began with the TV program Sea Hunt, and cameras had also captured his interest by the time he learned to dive. The shipwreck site linked above reflects his five decades of pursuing adventure and images, most of them in Great Lakes waters. Many other subjects reflecting my own passions can be seen here on Instagram.

Jacques Cousteau the dachshund has been ably supervising dives on the Great Lakes, as well as pretty much everything else in our lives, since 2006.